Members of FLOW TECH’s design unit are professionals in the development of tools, fixtures and gauges. They work on custom projects and are able to flexibly respond to stringent customer requirements thanks to the design unit being equipped with the SolidWorks and VISI PROGRESS software packages.

The entire product development cycle is based on specific customer requirements as follows:

  • Conceptual design
  • Industrial design
  • Extensive assemblies and detailed design
  • Production documentation, assembly procedures
  • Správa vytvořených dat PDM
  • Its specific outcomes are then provided to customers

In this way, we are ready to offer the development and preparation of design documents in the following fields, not only to automotive industry customers:

mechanical clamping fixtures

mechanická sestava s elektromagnety

a mechanical assembly with electric magnets

and hydraulic clamping fixturesused for clamping parts machined on NC machine tools

small- and medium-sized pressing tools for:

  • specific moulding operations
  • associated operations
  • progressive operations
  • progressive/associated operations

universal or special control gauges for the comprehensive control of moulded parts


SolidWorks offers 3D design software, design verification software, product data administration software and product documentation development software. Our designers make use of:

  • The SolidWorks Premium software package, which facilitates creating and validating designs, the administration of product data and communication of designs.
  • The SolidWorks Simulation Premium software package is used for testing designed products under actual operating conditions before they are dispatched to production.
  • Data administration software (EPDM), through which we administer and share not only the created data but also other accompanying documents.
  • SolidWorks Composer facilitates the creation of 2D and 3D images and animations.
  • eDrawings Professional facilitates work with 2D data


A software package intended specifically for designing progressive pressing tools. The concept underlying the software package is based on consistent use of standardised parts and predefined semi-finished products. It is characterised by a high-speed and efficient system of creating a cutting plan, which facilitates definition of the technological pressing procedure. The VISI PROGRESS software further allows simulation of the tensioning process with resultant determination of critical pressing tension values, which are subsequently applied as the basis for identifying the most advantageous design solution for the functional parts of tools along with determination of the optimal initial position of semi-finished products in the moulding process.