While creating technological procedures, our engineers use a dedicated part of the QI information system. Moreover, we use the Edge-CAM and WorkNC software packages to develop NC and CNC machine programmes.

Preparation of technological procedures

When creating technological procedures, our company uses a part of the QI information system, which provides online insights into the current status of designs and technology as well as facilitates visualisation of the history of changes introduced regardless of the process and organisational segmentation. This substantially reduces the production preparation time, which makes it possible for us to respond more flexibly to our customers’ requirements.

The Edge-CAM software is a powerful tool in developing new strategies for advanced 3D shape machining (surfaces, Solid models) – an ideal aid in defining the optimal tool path. In this way, we achieve high quality in high-speed machining of parts with varying shapes. This in turn shortens the working time on complex orders and increases efficiency. The high-quality technology employed is further boosted by the possibility of validating the tool path via graphic simulation already at the production preparation stage.

The WorkNC software package facilitates the creation of NC programmes when manufacturing tools, pressing tools and models based on any surface and spatial CAD models.