• hydraulic clamping fixtures are intended for serial, large-series production and mass production
  • based on background data from the customer, our company can design different workpiece clamping methods for various types of machine tools – stand-alone machines, machines with palletisation, machines arranged in production lines, single-purpose machines
  • the clamping fixtures are designed for horizontal machines, vertical machines, multiple-axis machines, combined machines
  • Flow Tech has extensive experience in clamping the following types of workpieces: rotating parts, tabular components, cabinet parts, weldments, castings – cast steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals
  • our clamping systems allow workpiece replacement and provide high strength and rigidity = reliable clamping
  • Flow Tech products have been successfully tested under the demanding conditions of mass production
  • maximum technical possibilities: fixture size 4000x1700x1500 mm
  • the hydraulic components are:
  1. purchased
  2. produced – for such technical designs that do not allow purchased components to be used